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The Creative Encounter

Arts-in-Medicine engages people in their own healing process through creative encounters.

Clinical Services

We facilitate creative encounters for patients and their families as well as staff and providers at The University of New Mexico Hospitals. We nurture body, mind, and spirit through encounters involving music, visual art, dance, poetry, and creative writing; life review, self-reflection, guided imagery, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, meditation, and mindfulness; massage, energy work, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and essential oils.


We offer lectures, presentations, workshops, and courses for community groups, national and international organizations, the main campus student body, the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine at The University of New Mexico. We are also in the process of building a certificate program open to all of the above populations.


The program as a whole is a research initiative but formally designed research projects have focused on the impact of creative encounters on the well-being of health care workers.

Community Outreach

Several short-term and ongoing projects have been undertaken and include a diverse range of organizations and areas around New Mexico including the VA Hospital, Pajarito Mesa and the Southwest Mesa Center for Family and Community Health in Albuquerque, Zuni Hospital, San Juan Regional Hospital in Farmington, and Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Center in Gallup.

International Collaboration

We collaborate with various universities and organizations in order to promote and develop arts and health programs abroad. We have collaborated with South Africa for the past 6 years and are about to commence work in Malawi.

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